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If you’re looking for the best after school martial arts program with transportation provided in Miami, you’ve come to the right place!

Parents all over the Miami area and Kendall, The Crossings, Country Walk, Richmond areas, also, are singing the praises of our amazing after school Taekwondo & Krav Maga program with transportation provided for kids!

Finally, a truly VALUABLE way to make sure the kids are picked up from school, and have a positive, inspiring experience every day.

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Look at what students are saying
My Son Matthew has severe ADHD, his grades were extremely horrific. Until he started in Spring at Ultimate Academy. The change in Matthew's behavior is Awesome! Better grades, better School and People who love him. Ultimate Academy is the perfect name for them. I love those Guys!! Very family oriented and honesty always gets me. Thank you UAMA for all your support!!
–Maria Mugica
Learned respect
“I used to be a trouble-maker, but Martial Arts taught me to respect everyone.”
Gained Confidence
“Nobody bothers me anymore. I LOVE the Martial Arts!”
–Peter L.
Stopped the bully
“I learned how to stop bullying without fighting—I love Martial Arts!”
–Matthew M.
The best investment in my life
“My children know how to play with others, take turns, share, they even know how to spend money because they work for it; they help me around the house. Honestly, it’s been the best opportunity and investment I’ve ever made in my life. You should try it too!”
–Sylvia Mangsen (Matthew, Justin, & Angelina)